Saturday, October 16, 2010

Twitter: The Newest Drug on the Block

People love talking about themselves.

That's not me criticizing, that's just me being real. Even if someone is shy, if you keep asking them questions they will [eventually] open up about themselves. And sometimes after that you can't get them to shut up [juuust kidding!]! The problem with Facebook and MySpace is that after awhile, if you update your status too frequently with little things such as if you're having a bad day, why you're having bad day, what type of Subway sandwhich is your favorite...Well, let's just say people get annoyed when you clog up their homepages with that nonsense. People just don't want to hear it. Or at least they didn't.

Times are changing.

They aren't the same as they were when your parents were kids (although if you're parents are anything like mine, you will already know this as your parents just adore telling you about how different things are). Now, we have this new-fangled thing called the Internet! And on this so called "Internet" is the so called "Twitter." The whole point of Twitter is to post about your life! On Twitter, you can post what you are getting from Subway and still be considered normal. You can tweet that you're going to "brb" after you get a "sammich" and people will still be like "awesome, dude."

I know from experience (and I do have other opinions to back this up) that once you start using Twitter, you don't stop. Well, you might, but there is a good chance that you will start tweeting everything you do. Chealsea Handler, comedian and host of Chealsea Lately, even said that she herself has gotten addicted to the Twitter.

But Twitter also has a bad side. It is my fear that Twitter is a gateway drug into procrastination (much luck Facebook, and moreso than MySpace ever was).

I guess the moral of the story (if you can somehow manage to dig up a point in this) is that just because you can tell people everything you do, does not mean you should. Unless you are on Twitter.

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