Friday, October 15, 2010

Nerd Centrallll!

You read it! NERD. CENTRAL. And I love it!

Have you ever gottne really sad about a book series ending? Ever wanted another character to have a longer story line? What would happen if so-and-so fell in love with so-and-so instead? It's want more! You don't want this whole other world to end! Well, I have a solution which you've probably already heard of and absolutely LOVE or have never tried or you just don't even know what I'm talking about.

Have I said it yet?


That's right! Although I've had an account on for YEARS, only recently have I gotten addicted to the absolute most adorable pairing ever for Harry Potter fanfics (Sorry Dramione! I still love you!). I'm talking about the Katie Bell/Oliver Wood pairing! Two characters...two very minor characters, that is...and you wonder, what ever happened to them? While we know Oliver is with Puddlemere United, what happened to Katie? And did they have a "thing" in Hogwarts? Seriously, some of the cutest fanfictions ever. I recommend wholly.


Okay, I'm sure Twilight is like this too, but since I am not a fan of that I haven't checked. There is like a whole entire Twitter community of HARRY POTTER CHARACTERS! This literally and figuratively made my day! So go check 'em all out! I dare you. It's Nerd Central!

So this was a pointless post! Much love =]


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