Friday, October 15, 2010

Strange Things Are Happening

This is my entry for the Haunted Halloween story contest being held by TotalBookaholic ( and BoundByBooks ( It's called Strange Things Are Happening because I was inspired to write it by this really creepy song my friend showed me. I don't remember what it's called, but they repeat "strange things are happeing" a few times. I hope you like it! 

Emily walked towards the sound of the music. Her friend, Mel, and she were on their way home from school when they first heard it, and they had followed it all the way until they came to the source: Shay Manor. Shay Manor had been abandoned for so long that no one could even remember when someone had lived in it last or why they left. The only people who went in the supposedly haunted mansion now were teenagers looking for a scare on the weekends.
“Emily! What the—” Mel started, coming up behind Emily.
“Shh!” Emily hissed. “Do you hear that?”
“This sounds like that crap my grandma listens to,” Mel said. Emily nodded in agreement. The music was light sounded like it would be a happy tune if the notes were not so off-key. To be honest, it sounded more creepy than anything else.
“It’s coming from inside.” Emily started walking towards the window. She wiped the dust off and peered inside.
“Oh my God,” Mel exclaimed. “Who is that?” Emily did not reply, but instead continued to watch the mysterious girl dancing in the room. The girl looked about their age. She was wearing a white dress that fell just above her knees, the edge ripped and tattered like the bottom half of the skirt had been torn. One of the straps was tanned with age and what looked like mud. Her long, blonde hair was ratty and unkempt, and her bluish-white skin brought out the dark purplish-blue circles under her eyes. Her arms were spread out like wings and she was spinning around like a toddler.
It was almost like she was gliding across the floor. She would start out slow and then gradually spin fast and fast, taking huge steps across the wooden floor. It was captivating to watch. The girls stood at the window, transfixed by the odd beauty of the scene. The girl was spinning, spinning, spinning, spinning—
And then she stopped.
Her back was turned towards the girls, unmoving, the music still playing in the background. Her arms were still stretched out. Mel’s hand snapped to Emily’s wrist. The girls watched in anticipation, both holding their breath, to see what the girl would do next. Suddenly, the strange girl’s arms dropped to her sides. Slowly, she turned around, her eyes locked on the floor. Mel’s death grip on Emily’s wrist was getting worse and worse. Somehow, the music sounded like it had sped up, but Emily wrote it off as nerves. The girl’s head lifted until she locked eyes with the two girls. A slow smile spread across her face. Suddenly, she snapped her head to one side. Red splattered across the window. The girls screamed and stumbled backwards.
“Oh my God, is that blood on the window?” Mel screeched. She was wide-eyed and practically in hysterics. “That’s it; I am getting the hell out of here.” She spun around and began running back down the hill towards the road. Emily glanced back at the window and did a double-take. The blood was gone. Emily ran back up to the window. She could hardly see through the dust and mud that was caked to the window. From what she could see, all that was in the room was old furniture left behind from the previous owners, covered in bed sheets. Her eyes widened. The only sign that the strange girl had been there was a single muddy footprint in the middle of the room.


  1. Enjoyed your story!! Very well written! :)

  2. This is really good! It isn't straight out scary, but just the thought when you think about it is creepy, kind of like an after thought. Good luck in the contest!

  3. I love this story so much! good job!

  4. That one reader was right, it didn't really creepy me out until I started thinking about it! good luck in the contest!

  5. creepy story! Great job!

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries