Friday, August 26, 2011

Do you know...A Common Year? by Abbey K.

My High School Newspaper posted a review on A Common Year ( Here it is, written by my co-editor for the features section, Abbey K. For more information, and to download their album free, visit
"Originally from Layfayette, Bloomington, and Indianapolis, Indiana, 'A Common Year' is a rockband that has been enjoying the debut of its first album recently. The four band members include Casey Baksa and Coleman Bright, who both do guitar and vocals, dummer Jake Bergman, and Matt Ritter who plays bass guitar. Though 'A Common Year' does have a manager (Chris Beaven), they are still unsigned. In fact, they do all the work of the songs on their own. Every piece of the process from composition to production and mastery is done by the members.
Their first album named "Between Cities" was released online at on January 27, 2010 and includes twelve songs, but is also now available in hard copy as well. Their track 'Distance' aired on an opening scene of the popular teen show 'Degrassi: The Next Generation' on August 25, 2011. The band is currently recording more music, such as their new song 'Try,' which is available on their Facebook page for free.
As spoken on their Web site,, these men are very passionate about their music, but also have other ideas for the future career-wise.
"Casey is working for a PR company. Matt is the web developer for Boost Media Entertainment. Coleman is looking for a research or lab testing job, and wants to eventually go back to school to be a dentist. Jake is still in school pursuing art and photography," the band wrote on their Web site. For now though, 'A Common Year' will be working on their next tracks."

NOTE--sorry for the errors in the article and the generally rushed feel of the article. We had a very short time from to get it done in, and other issues occurred, therefore making us unable to do it as well as we had liked to. But the article will be seen by over 3,000 high school and middle school students and staff members, plus 100 or so other newspaper students from Fort Wayne, as well as other community members in the NACS school district area. Also, we apologize for anything that is incorrect in the article, we got all of our information from the bands Myspace and Facebook pages.