Sunday, January 30, 2011

Secrets Among Friends

What do you do when you have a huge secret within your groupof friends? Like, majorly huge, or at least it is major compared to past...issues. For example:

What do you do when someone in your group of oldest friends has a crush on another? Let's make it more complicated. This other friend? In a relationship.


With someone that 40% of the group is very, very unhappy with for cheated on aforementioned object of affection?

As you may be able to tell, this is really a problem. And I problem I have never before encountered. So most of this, besides having a deeper meaning that I will probably forget about, will be me venting.

There is this girl, and for the sake of anomality let's call her Brenda. Brenda, you see, is dating this boy, who we shall refer to as Dylan. You see, Dylan is crazy about Brenda for some unknown reason. Actually, it is known. Even though Brenda is the most un-innocent person that I know, she has this way of fooling you to feel bad for her. It's annoying. Especially since Brenda has cheated on Dylan multiple times. Dylan is aware of this. Dylan will not break up with her. Why? He thinks he loves her.


You see, in the months leading up to his relationship with Brenda, Dylan had issues with depression, and after he started dating Brenda I guess they all went away? And now he's afraid that if he breaks up with her, he will be depressed again. Well, here's the problem: Dylan could do so much better than Brenda. The bigger problem? Kelly likes Dylan. Kelly, in fact, may be in love with Dylan. But Dylan looks at Kelly like a sister. And he brings it up every time we say something at the same time or have something in common, always saying "See, Kelly, we're pretty much siblings, because that just happened to us."

Did I say we?

So it's a huge problem.

I know that no one probably reads this, but anyone have any advice? It would be appreciated.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Blog

Happy New Year everyone!

This is my first blog since October, I think. Not that anyone reads this waste of cyberspace. I just haven't felt the "creative urge" lately. First off, I would like to discuss my New Year's Resolution -insert epic music here-.

This year, I have decided to take a different path than my friends. No diets or excise regimens I won't end up sticking to, no giving up a social life to attempt to get straight A', this year I am being my own biscuit (just another way of being myself, copyright pending :P). My resolution is that I am reinventing myself.

So far on this epic journey that is three days in, I have started to weed out who and who I do not want to associate myself with. This was actually easier than I thought. It did get a little dramatic with one of my former best friends, but I feel like in the end it was a good decision to end it. Too much drama has occured for it to not. Aside from that, I've changed what stuff I pin on my wall, my sense of style, my hair color, and have even gone as far to be legit and change my the background of my Myspace that I no longer use (although, come on, this blogger must admit the new Myspace is prettty fantastic). I'm considering a blog name change, and I feel now is the time to do it since no one reads this! The only thing I really haven't changed is my room color, but when you share a room it's pretty difficult to just change it on a whim.

So, if anyone out there is actually reading this, what are your thoughts on my resolution? Or better yet, what is your resolution? I am an advocate of anonymouse comments...pretty much anything to show that SOMEONE knows I'm here. Because that's all people really want, right? To be noticed? You can comment on that to. Can you argue my logic?