Monday, October 18, 2010

The Blame Game exerpt

Kate walked through the bushes until she reached the small circle of stumps that were just big enough to sit on. In the middle were remnants of old, charred firewood. Kate looked around for Noelle but saw no sign of her friend. She turned around to address her companion, but once again saw no one. She heard a faint crunch of twigs behind her and she spun around. To her relief, it was no stranger. Kate laughed awkwardly at her own fear.
            “Hey you scared me there for a second! I wonder why Noelle isn’t here yet…” Kate wondered aloud, her voice trailing off as her eyes glanced down at the hands of the person standing in front of her. “What is that for?” she asked cautiously.
            “I would say I’m sorry, but…” they started, a strange glint in their eyes. Kate’s eyes widened in fear at her friend’s sudden change in attitude. She began to back away. “Now, now, will running really help this situation, Katie? You know you can’t stop the inevitable. But,” they paused, and glanced at the object in their hands, “you can speed up the process.” Kate laughed weakly.
            “That’s funny.” Kate looked back down at the rock as the person took a couple steps forward. “You’re crazy,” Kate said, her voice shaking with shock and alarm at the realization of the current turn of events.
            “I am not crazy,” they said forcefully, eyes flashing with fury.
“Yes, actually, I believe you are. You know we aren’t that far from everyone else. They’ll hear me if I scream.”
“Between the loud music, and the yelling, and, can’t you hear? There are girls screaming left and right over there. No one will think anything of it if you scream. Which you won’t. Because that won’t do you or I any good anyway.”
“Why does your voice sound weird? Like you don’t even sound like you.” Kate’s eyes widened. “Are you possessed? Because my uncle is a priest and he can perform an exorcism!”
“I’m not possessed, I just want revenge!”
“Revenge on what?” Kate asked, bewildered.
“My life!”
“Okay, now I know you’re crazy. I’m going to leave now.” Kate turned around to leave the person standing there, fuming. Before she even had time to react, a blunt object smashed into her head. Her body crashed to the ground, and her world succumbed to darkness. Her attacker dropped the blood-stained rock that she had been holding and stepped around Kate. They smirked at her unmoving body and let out a low laugh.
“Now, Kate,” they said with mock hurt coating their voice. “Didn’t your parents ever teach you any manners? I must say your rudeness stings.” With that, the attacker bent down and grabbed Kate’s ankles. They dragged Kate’s body to a tree a few yards from the edge of the road. They positioned her body so that she was sitting up against a tree, her almost black hair falling over her bloody face. The attacker began to walk away when suddenly, they froze. They turned around and looked at Kate thoughtfully.
“Now how are we to be sure that you don’t ever let a word of what happened at this little event gets out?” they asked. “Oh! I know!” They picked up a rock that was about the size of their hand. Without so much as a glance at the projectile in their hand, they threw the rock in Kate’s direction with all their might. It struck Kate in the heard once more, causing her body to slump over in a lifeless heap next to the tree. The attacker just knew that Kate would never be able to tell anything to anyone again.

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